Strong Employment Base

Forestry & wood products manufacturing, public service, rail transportation, and tourism are the four largest employment sectors in the community.  Our healthy mountain lifestyle attracts creative, innovative, knowledgable professionals that has created an eclectic entrepreneurial community.

Employment by Industry

Forestry and Wood Products Manufacturing:

Revelstoke is the base of operations for three sawmills, one cedar shake and shingle mill, one pole yard, and several value added wood manufacturing plants.

Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar, which employs 270 persons at its sawmill and remanufacturing plant, is the major wood manufacturer in the area. All woodlands operations including harvesting, hauling, road building, forest management services and silviculture are handled by independent contractors.

In June 1993, the City of Revelstoke in partnership with three local sawmills purchased a Tree Farm Licence and formed the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation which is responsible for managing the Tree Farm Licence. The community’s investment in this project helped to secure a guaranteed wood supply for the local processors, provide for economic stability and security, and ensure local control of local resources. The corporation operates a log sort yard which provides the opportunity to purchase selected high quality logs which benefits local value-added companies and artisans.

Public Service

Public service sector provides a significant stable employment base in Revelstoke. 2001 Census data indicates that 700 persons are Public Service Employees (Health Care and Social Assistance, Education and Public Administration).

Transportation – C.P. Rail:

Historically, CP Rail has been the largest and most stable source of employment in Revelstoke. CP Rail currently employs on average 265 persons locally for the freight train crew persons and track maintenance workers.


The tourism and hospitality sector has demonstrated significant growth and investment during the past ten years, serving as a staging centre for winter and summer back country activities. Traffic counters on the Trans Canada Highway estimate 2 million vehicles travel through the Revelstoke area annually. From the 2006 Census data, 540 persons were employed in accommodation and food services in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke was designated a British Columbia Resort Municipality in 2008 and receives annual funding from the provincial government for development of the community’s tourism infrastructure. A 2% hotel tax is collected to fund tourism marketing activities.

A magnificent world-class resort, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, located on Mount Mackenzie 6 km Southeast of downtown Revelstoke, opened in 2007. It boasts North America’s longest vertical descent at 5,620 feet of lift-serviced vertical. To be completed over 15 years, Revelstoke Mountain Resort will include 5,000 new housing units (1,500 resort condominiums, 2,000 hotel suites, 850 town homes and 550 single-family estate lots), as well as more than 500,000 square feet of commercial and retail space.

Other recreational pursuits include:

  • Snowmobiling
  • Heli skiing
  • Nordic skiing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking / Heli hiking
  • Ski Touring
  • Boating & Camping
  • Mount Revelstoke National Park & Glacier National Park
  • Cycling


Leading Employers
Number of Employees in 2011 (adjusted for Full Time Equivalents)
Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar 270
CP Rail 265
Revelstoke Mountain Resort 230
City of Revelstoke 98
Parks Canada 95
BC Hydro Power Production Plants 93


Labour Force Activity (2009) Number of Persons
Total Population 7,690
Total Population Age 15+ 6,510
Taxfilers in the Labour Force 4,900
Reported Employment Income 4,570
Reported Self Employment Income 650
Received Employment Insurance Benefits 1,140


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