• Policy & Advocacy

  • The Revelstoke Chamber engages, supports, and informs the business community to shape community dialogue and identify issues of concern to our member businesses. The Chamber also engages elected officials at all levels of government to ensure the region’s business interests are heard. This is of importance to our membership when advocating issues of concern to regional and municipal governments.

    Our membership in the BC and Canadian Chambers of Commerce is of primary importance when advocating areas of concern to the more senior levels of government. Through our membership in the network, the Revelstoke Chamber joins our collective voices with more than 200,000 businesses across Canada to maximize our impact and influence at that level.

    The Chamber is at its most effective when backed by an active and informed membership. To that end, we actively engage our membership through round table discussions, sector consultations and surveys to best identify and address issues that affect our community.

    The Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce Policy & Advocacy Committee will identify, monitor and respond to issues that have broad interest for our members and the business community. In addition, the committee will initiate advocacy for interests that are of strategic importance to our members.The Advocacy Committee will develop policy for Board approval and/or advocate on issues as identified by the Board of Directors and members requesting support. The committee identifies key policies to be submitted to municipal government and or the BC Chamber to be brought forward at a provincial or federal level.

  •  Engage with the Chamber to advocate for you! 

    City Development Permitting Process
    THANK YOU to all members of our business community who reached out for advice and support that spurred on this request for feedback. The thoughtful responses and solution based recommendations  that your Advocacy Committee received are so appreciated and valued as we continue this conversation with our Municipal Government. We can ensure you that Mayor and Council, as well as the City staff, are focused on working to improve the overall process, efficiency and timelines around the permitting process. The conversation will continue...
    Are you concerned about the economical and safety impacts regarding the stretch of Highway 1 around Three Valley Gap? 
    We encourage our business community to support this advocacy effort by taking the time to write a letter directly to Premiere Horgan about 3VG; why  improvements are needed and how it has affected your business economically .
    The safety of this stretch of highway affects our community and visitors.
    The economics of this highway continuously being closed negatively affects our business community.
    Collectively, we can unite to help to make a difference. 
    Click here for a letter template to sign & submit or simply use as an outline to get you started and add your own points.
    Email signed letters to: "Premier@gov.bc.ca" and cc  "Doug.Clovechok.MLA@leg.bc.ca" or
    drop off signed letters at our  Revelstoke MLA office 107 First Street East.